• Ariana Quinones

I Thought I'd Find You

By A.Q

I thought I’d find you in my deepest sadness.

It seemed so powerful and hidden.

It seemed like the only place you could be.

Like a faucet that’s been left on,

The tears poured out of me.


As my head pounded,

My nose clogged,

My chest tightened,

I thought I’d finally see you more clearly.

But you weren’t there.

So I blew my nose.

I washed my face.

I breathed in and out.

In and out.

Deep and focused.

And there you were.

I found you in my deepest love.

I found

That you live in my deepest understanding

my deepest embrace & recognition.

The depths of my own love

And still, there is so much sadness.

The type that sometimes feels like it’ll swallow you alive.

But, next to the sadness,

Is also all of the joy.

All of the light.

La luz de mi vida.

Ariana Luz Quinones

I found my truest self in the depths of my own light.

And it told me Welcome Home

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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