• Marina Biggio

Evolution of Love

I used to know Love

As all there was

Then it became

Something attained

And Love was equated with acceptance

Belonging and escaping shame

Then I thought it was something romantic

The classic romance movie antic

And when that floor fell through

I only knew it as Family

And I knew that much to be true

Then Love became synonymous with longing

Tangled with craving and with fear

A feeling of deep despair

If God forbid you were not near

But that grew tiresome

I knew there was more

Then I experienced true Magnetism,

Lusting until I was sore

My heart ached so sweetly

Deep in my core

But even that wasn’t exactly

What my Heart was yearning for

The lust turned to Kindness

Healthy Love and adoration

But I could feel my Soul reaching

For the Peace and pure elation

That comes with coming home

Little did I know I’d never find it

In another human Soul

I wouldn’t find it outside myself

Only looking within would I ever feel Whole

So every day I hold myself

And see what needs my care

I fill my void not with outside things

But instead the Acceptance

That Loving Kindness brings

I quiet the judgment in my mind

To see my harsh words more clearly

I forgive myself for hating myself

So that I can finally Love myself deeply

I remind myself I belong here

Feet firmly planted in the dirt

I remind myself it’s okay to not be okay

And to let myself cry when I am hurt

I tell myself I am Protected

By the Universe and infinite nature of my Soul

I Surrender myself to be filled with Love

I choose to believe

We are all unconditionally deserving of feeling Whole

To feel it I Radically and lovingly accept

The flaws within and without

To feel Whole you cannot cast aside

The feelings you want to numb out

We all have the right to Remember

Our connection to Existence itself

And the doorway is right beneath our nose

An infinite store of true Wealth

A thread woven into every person and every thing

And deep down we already know

The more we Love and accept ourselves

The more the true face of Love will show.

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

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